• We’ve been fortunate to have a lengthy career of incredible learning experiences. Our history of more than 30 years of widely varied travel industry experience makes Jack E. Mannix & Associates uniquely qualified to help you achieve your goals.

    That experience has been in virtually all facets of the travel industry:

    • General management
    • Strategic development
    • Large, blue chip, Fortune 100 environments
    • Supplier relations, negotiations
    • Consortium and franchise management
    • Technology implementation
    • Tour operator product development
    • Consumer direct marketing
    • Education and certification
    • Financial management
    • Retail travel management
    • Sales management
    • Loyalty programs
    • Human resources
    • Travel agent
    • Small business

    Whether you’re a supplier, consortium, chain, cooperative, association, online agency, traditional retailer, home based agent, host agency or any other travel related business, that’s expertise that can make our travel industry consulting practice work for you!

    Irrespective of your size or your segment of the industry, we measure our success on how successful we make you! How can we help you be more successful?

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