• Jack E. Mannix & Associates was formed to help travel industry businesses be more successful by leveraging our many years of experience. It’s unique in that clients can take advantage of broad and deep skills and expertise to resolve issues and concerns in a wide variety of disciplines.

    Ultimately, it’s not about us but, indeed, you. Here are some examples of how these experiences can be put to work for you.

    • President & CEO level experience = you get strong general management skills from which to draw to improve all aspects of your business.
    • Strategic Planning = Where’s your business going? Do you have a plan to get there? How are you doing in executing that plan?
    • Results Driven = You’re undoubtedly working very hard, trying to stay focused but what kind of results are you delivering? Are you leaving money on the table?
    • Supplier Issues = Is the supplier making it increasingly difficult to earn? What are you doing about it (yes, there are ways of dealing with it)?
    • Supplier relations = Can we help you design an incentive program for top producers? A direct marketing strategy? Finding more “go to” retailers? Create an overall distribution strategy?

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